How it works


Our ring slings give you many different options to carry your little one. Based on your preference or baby's age, please choose from the options below and follow the steps carefully. Each position should feel comfortable for you & baby, if not we are here for you and want to help you get it right!

Tips to ensure baby is safe:

1. Close enough to give a kiss

2. Baby’s bum is below the knees

3. Fabric is laid over the shoulder

4. Ring is in a flat position

5. Fabric is tight around back


In order to start using your sling, you must complete the first step; threading!

  1. Choose which side you want to place your rings, keeping in mind that the opposite side is where your baby will be.
  2. Hang the rings over your shoulder and bring the fabric around your back so that it is straight and flat.
  3. Hold onto the end of the tail and collect the fabric together, loop through the bottom of both rings.
  4. Gather the tail once again, but this time lift up both rings separating them from each other.
  5. Loop the tail through only the bottom ring bringing it out completely.
  6. Straighten out the fabric going through each ring in order to adjust it easily once your little one is inside.

Front Facing

  1. Thread your sling, make sure the rings are high up and the fabric is over the cap of your shoulder. Then tighten the fabric leaving just enough room for your little one.
  2. Grab your baby and place him on the opposite side of your rings, facing you.
  3. Put his body though the fabric and pull the top edge of the fabric up to cover his shoulders. Next, grab the bottom edge and place that under his bum.
  4. Tuck your baby in towards you so that a deep seat is created and baby’s bum is below his knees. You can use the end of the fabric as a nursing cover,
  5. Lastly, tighten the fabric using the rings and take the extra step to double check all 5 safety tips.

Side Carry

  1. Thread your sling and bring the rings a little bit behind your shoulder, then adjust  the fabric to have enough room for your baby.
  2. Bring your baby through the fabric and settle her into place, facing you. The fabric should be pulled up to her shoulders and the bottom edge tucked under her bum.
  3. Tighten the sling using the rings until baby is secure.
  4. Slide your baby onto your hip so her legs are on each side and then take the extra step to double check all 5 safety tips.

Hammock carry

  • Baby should not be sleeping while in this position
  • 3-5 months of age preferred
  • Recommended for those who are already familiar with the “Front Facing Carry” position
  1. Thread your sling.
  2. Create a wall of fabric in between you and where your baby will be. This will require tightening the bottom edge of your sling in order to have it firm across your stomach. For reference, this should become a deep hammock shape for your baby to sit in.
  3. On the opposite side of your rings, place your baby on his back up high on your shoulder.
  4. Crisscross his ankles and bring him downwards into the hammock shape. The Fabric across your stomach should be holding his back for support.
  5. Settle your baby down into the pocket so his bum reaches the bottom.
  6. Start to adjust the rings in order for the fabric to wrap about him nice and tight, you may need to lift your baby up a little, adjust and repeat.

How to braid your Sling:

  • Two easy step by step instructions to braid your ring sling.
  • Recommended for storage and “breaking in” your sling for a softer carry.

The Loop:

  1. The simple way to braid takes approximately 30 seconds. To create the first loop pull the tail through to form another loop. Repeat until the entire ring sling is fully braided. Tuck the tail into the final loop to finish it off.

The Original:

  1. Braiding your sling the original way is also easy, it will take a little more of your time. Approximately 5min.
  2. Start by threading your ring sling just like you typically do when wearing your little one. Bring all three parts to an even length. Pull the tail about 20% longer than the rest.
  3. Braid traditionally with all three sections, pulling the tail through when possible. Continue to do so until you’ve reached the bottom. Tuck the tail into the final loop to finish it off.

How to wash your sling:


  • Unthread your sling when it's time to wash. Use mild soap and let air dry or cover your rings with a sock to prevent damage while in dryer. 

Machine Wash:

  • Unthread your sling when it's time to wash. Cover your rings with a sock to prevent damage while in the machine. 
  • Wash separately or with similar tones and continue to cover rings while drying in the machine. 

How to swaddle:

1. Fold your swaddle blanket in half to create a triangle shape, place baby down right in the center where the shoulders are at the same level as the straight edge.

2. Wrap the left side over your baby’s arm and chest, tucking in the corner under the baby’s back.

3. Then bring over the bottom corner and tuck under the first overlap (under the chin). Keep in mind that the hips should be loose for bending purposes.

4. Bring over the last side of the blanket and tuck underneath to keep it snug.