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Desert Wooden Play Gym

Desert Wooden Play Gym

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The Desert Dreamer wooden play gym looks so beautiful, you won't need to put it away when guests arrive. Your gym can be easily disassembled and stored in the canvas bag it is shipped in. 

Why Wooden Baby Gyms?

Mom life is so busy and you feel defeated most days without a break

You’ve done most chores around your house one handed because your little one isn’t walking yet

You’ve thought about hiring a babysitter but you feel immediate mom guilt

Sometimes your mom comes over to give you an extra hand, but it isn’t enough…

Our wooden baby gym gives you the hands free moments you’ve been longing for

You won’t even need to put it away - it’s that beautiful!

  • Made of 100% untreated pinewood and organic cotton. 
  • Our Desert Dreamer play gym features a camel, llama, and cactus.
  • This product is CSPC certified. 
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